As many of you know, we have been busy recording for the past few months. We are happy to announce the release of "Calling Down the Sky" off of our 2008 Demo. Summer plans are in the works and we hope to have some big news for you soon!

I know a lot of you are wondering what we're up to, and we plan to inform you! We've been busy in the works of writing a great deal of new material. We're really excited about how it's turning out. It's gonna be more epically metal than ever before! So says Afterimage. Also, we are working out internal plans and issues concerning our course for the future, and we will update you on the details as soon as we can. Take care and keep it metal!

Hello, all ye Afterimage fans! You will be happy to know that Afterimage will be in HM magazine's November-December issue. Look for us in the "Pick of the Litter" section. In addition, you may have the chance of catching us on XM radio station Squizz in the near distant future, more on that later. As some of you well know, we have previously been unable to ship our hard copies of Codex outside of the U.S. However, CDbaby.com will soon be stocked with our EP, so those of you who can't get it from us can get it from them.

As you've probably noticed we have no shows in the near future. We are recording Deathbed Gospel and should be finished within the week. Check their new recordings out, they are brutal! Afterwards we plan on buckling down and writing hardcore, so expect some brand new killer power ballads at the shows that follow! Take care!

The webstore is back online! Of course, it has our new EP, Codex: Triumph in the Eschaton for sale for $6, so be sure to order one. A new t-shirt will be available July 1st, and we will have more larges, XL, and XXL Tendril t-shirts in stock as well. Enjoy! -Afterimage

EP Studio Update 6: Codex: Triumph in the Eschaton is finished! We will be releasing it in early June. We are very excited to get back on the road playing shows. That is it for now, and we will see you all at Cornerstone! -Afterimage

EP Studio Update 5: We have finished recording our EP. However, after getting it mastered, we realized that for the amount of time we've spent tracking this thing, we should take some more time in order to make it sound the best possible. We want to deliver something to you guys that will make your wait worth it. So all we have to say is, try to hold on for a couple more weeks!

From all of us here in Afterimage, Thanks!

EP Studio Update 4: Hey everyone, our mastering date is set for this weekend. That means we should have our EP packaged and ready a few weeks from then! It is sounding incredible, and we are very excited about its release. We still haven't posted the fourth video, mostly because all of our time has been spent mixing and doing other very necessary things. Don't worry, we will have it up as soon as we are done mastering, and you can see all the "necessary" activities we spent our time on. See you all soon at Cornerstone! (Or whatever other show we see you at)

EP Studio Update 3: It has been a few weeks now, but we have all of the drums, bass, and guitars tracked. Mike started tracking his vocals a few days ago, and is sounding real sweet. Unfortunately, everything has taken us longer than we initially expected, so we have pushed the EP release date back to the end of March. We will keep working hard to get it done and sounding good, and, as always, will keep you guys updated with our videos.

EP Studio Update 2: I am currently in the studio and we are working hard to get all the drums tracked. They definately take the longest because of all the crazy double bass; it's hard to get things to be as precise as you want them to be. A few days after Christmas, we will have finished drums and most likely bass. We will keep updating you with info about the progress. Also, we are working with Mario Garza of Robot Plague who is making the art and graphics for our EP. Keep watching for videos on our Myspace and let us know what you think!

EP Studio Update 1: We are just starting the long, but fun, process of recording. We're still planning on putting six songs on the EP, which will turn out to be about thirty minutes long once it is done. So be prepared for one long rockin' CD with three new, never-before recorded songs! As of now, we are setting up the studio, tweaking our guitar tones, and touching up any rough edges we have. We will be releasing it around mid-January, should everything go as planned. Keep checking in for more updates about the recording, and God bless until we see all of you again on stage!

Don't worry! Afterimage is still alive! After a long haitus over the summer, they are finally returning. They have a new drummer by the name of Wes who they are very excited about. They are working hard to start playing shows regularly again and to begin recording the EP that was planned for the summer. That's it for now. See you all soon!

Hail all ye Afterimage news readers. The AI summer schedule is as follows: In June and July, other than a few shows here and there, we will be recording a six song EP that should be released around mid-August. In addition, we should be back on the stage regularly in August as well. That is all for now.

As you can see, our new site is up and running. There are of course a few things that need to be straightend out, but most of it is finished, so enjoy! Be sure to check out our upcoming shows, including the BHS Battle of the Bands. Come out and help metal take over!

////Afterimage's newest release, "Burning Hands" is now available for listening on Pure Volume or Myspace! Also, you can pre-order a copy at the Afterimage webstore!

////We had our last day at the studio today and we are working on the mastering at the moment. We will hopefully be done with the 3 song recording by later tonight and we will have it up on Pure Volume and Myspace shortly. - Dan

////We have implemented a webstore onto our site with new T-shirts and stickers. Our new release, "Burning Hands", will be put up within the next couple weeks. Be sure to check the Afterimage store every once in a while for new merchandise. - Justin

////We are currently at the studio at 4:19 PM and we are just about to export the final master of our recording. Hopefully, we will be set with the final mix and we can start getting the music out there. Check for the new music at the next shows. - Dan

////Free Sound at the Village Church of Barrington turned out very well. We would like to thank all of you for showing your support by coming and doing what you guys do best. We have about seven or eight video cameras that recorded that event, so look forward to some sort of live concert video (with good sound this time). Within the next few weeks, we will be doing some major updates. Our new demo will be finished, and all our new merch will be available on our new webstore, including brand new shirts, stickers, music, videos, and anything else we can think of. That is it for now, and thank you for your continued support!

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